September 2012


Fry It!

See why the Italian Montanara pizza has found its way into Amerca’s pizzerias. Get a grip on payroll and save on labor with cross-training. Pizza Today also travels to Tucson, Arizona.

July 14, 2014 |

The Science of Servers

CRITICAL ISSUES: Employee Hiring Retention Hiring right people can make or break your restaurant It might surprise you to hear Brett Steiner’s No. 1 priority for his servers at Russo’s New York Pizzeria in Germantown, Tennessee: “School comes first,” says Steiner, who owns one of the 30 Houston-based franchises. Five years ago when he launched…Read More

April 28, 2014 |

Fry Day: The Montanara

It’s strange to think that an ancient pizza has become the newest trend. But such is the case with the montanara, an import from Naples that sees a round of dough flash-fried then topped with ragu (cooked tomato sauce) and cheese. But the American translation — the montanara that’s making its mark on menus here…Read More

August 27, 2012 |

Pizza Power: Brooklyn Pizza Company, Tucson, Arizona

Brooklyn Pizza Company puts its philosophy to work Solar powered and community minded—Brooklyn Pizza Company brings New York-style pizza to Tucson, Arizona. Opened in 1996, the pizzeria is centered in the hip, eclectic business corridor of Fourth Avenue, nestled next to the University of Arizona (UofA). It’s usually a busy district of foot and street…Read More

August 27, 2012 |

Jack Of All Trades

Save on labor by cross-training employees For Mia’s Pizza and Eats, a small mom-and-pop shop in Georgia, cross-training is a cost-cutting necessity. “There really isn’t a time at Mia’s when an employee can claim ‘That’s not my job,’ ” says owner Clori Rose-Geiger. “We try to instill in them the idea that everything that needs…Read More

August 27, 2012 |

Marketing Matters: Your POS as a Marketing Tool

My Point of Sale system is the prettiest cash register ever! But does this beauty have brains? American Scientist Donald Norman says, “Beauty and brains, pleasure and usability they should go hand in hand.” If that is the case then this POS is worth every penny I paid for it. For example, my POS has…Read More

August 27, 2012 |

2012 September: My Turn

BY MINTA K. CRAFTS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR THE KAREN MULLEN BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION No doubt you’ve seen the pink splashed across these pages as you’ve flipped through Pizza Today over past couple years. So, why the pink? What is Slice of Hope? Slice of Hope is the answer to the question that had been nagging at…Read More

August 27, 2012 |

What do your customers really want? Survey says…

What do your customers really want? It’s the single most important question a restaurant owner can ask — yet you could spend your entire career chasing the answer. Even with instant feedback on Twitter, Yelp!, Facebook and similar sites, it’s nearly impossible to sift constructive criticism from the endless pages of noise. In an effort…Read More

August 24, 2012 |

Lovely Lasagna

Lasagna is a staple in many pizzerias and restaurants across the nation. It rounds out your menu and accompanies your pizza, pasta and salads perfectly. Great lasagna can be a feature on your menu that can truly set you apart from your competitors.It really surprises me how many restaurants serve less than mediocre lasagna with…Read More

August 20, 2012 |

Ask Big Dave: Adding pizza to the menu

Q: I have a restaurant in Wilmington, NC, and want to add pizza to the menu. I am clueless to the pizza industry other than I love good NY pizza! Can you give me a list of equipment I need with brand names included? And should I buy pre- made dough or have the pizza…Read More

August 20, 2012 |

The Dough Doctor explains dough consistency

For many operators, dough is the major challenge to making great pizza. Here, we will address some of the things that operators can do to produce consistent quality dough. Like so many other things in life, pizza dough performance can be typified by the old motto of “GI-GO” or “garbage in, garbage out.” Your dough…Read More