February 1, 2016 |

5 ways to use Pizza Expo to achieve next-level sales and profits

By Pizza Expo

Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever

Building your business and your brand requires smart investments in good times as well as bad. Take the time now to build on recent successes. Here are five ways to use Pizza Expo to achieve the next level of sales and profits:

  1. Make smart upgrades. Identify which of the industry’s newest products and services can boost your profits. With 450-plus exhibiting companies on an Exhibit Hall floor that covers an area the size of 5.5 football fields, Pizza Expo showcases virtually every top supplier in the pizzeria industry. There are more than 200 categories of exhibitors on display, offering everything from quality-improving ingredients to top-notch pizza-making equipment, state-of-the-art POS systems and multiple other products that can enhance your brand. Explore the possibilities.
  1. Fill gaps in your knowledge. What you don’t know can hurt you. Pizza Expo’s education program of more than 90 sessions on topics covering all aspects of operating a pizzeria business provides resources you can get nowhere else. Expo week kicks off with the School of Pizzeria Management and 10 half-day workshops designed to give you tools you can plug in immediately to improve your operations. An extensive schedule of seminars and panel discussions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday offers expert knowledge and advice you should not pass up. And Tony Gemignani’s “Making Pizza” workshops — as well as 13 menu-expanding cooking and baking demonstrations — share techniques to improve what comes out of your kitchen. Get an instant education.
  1. Learn From Your Peers. Knowledge sharing is part of what makes Pizza Expo so special. It begins with the more than 30 talented pizzeria professionals who present during our workshops, seminars and baking demonstrations. They willingly give their time and talents to their sessions, and they pass along business practices that have worked for them and could well work for you. Pizza Expo’s networking events feature this same collegiality. Monday’s reception, Tuesday’s Beer & Bull and Wednesday’s Block Party give you the chance to connect with rooms full of fellow pizzeria professionals. You’ll meet them in the seminar rooms and on the Exhibit Hall floor. You’ll be surprised by the open exchange of ideas.
  1. Educate your managers. Bring your top people to Expo. That’s what many who return each year do so that those who help them succeed most have the tools to contribute to the business. Enroll them in the advanced-training workshops, send them to appropriate seminars and let them see the range of products available on the show floor. Allow them to meet others who can offer them solutions for the problems with staff and operations they deal with daily. Energize your whole staff under their improved leadership.
  1. Rediscover your pizza passion. This is a fun industry and your customers react positively if you project that passion with personal expression in your own business. Re-energize by hearing some of the most successful names in the business speak during Expo week. The owner of Pizza Today’s Independent Pizzeria of the Year for 2015 speaks on Monday about his connection to the industry. Three keynotes — one by celebrity chef Fabio Viviani and two by big-name pizzeria owners Adam Goldberg and Tony Gemignani — place a spotlight on individual talent and determination that pays big dividends in today’s marketplace. Go out and make 2016 your best year ever!

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5 ways to use Pizza Expo to achieve next-level sales and profits

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