February 23, 2017 |

The Biggest Marketing Mistake Many Independent Operators Make

By Pizza Expo

Jim Laube, founder and CEO

Everyone wants to grow their restaurants’ sales and profit margins.

The problem is that when most operators get serious about creating more sales, they focus on attracting NEW business and ignore the single greatest source for greater future sales – their EXISTING customers.

Nearly all of the most profitable and successful independent restaurants we work with today have the following characteristics –

  1. They are in a local market where there are a sufficient number of people who want what they are offering.
  1. They have positively differentiated their restaurant from their local competition.
  1. Their primary marketing focus is on encouraging greater frequency of visits from their existing customers.
  1. They don’t spend much, if any, money on traditional advertising.

To get more repeat business they use birthday clubs, customer newsletters, loyalty programs and other LOW COST marketing activities.

They also, without exception, have a near fanatical commitment to creating consistent, high-quality dining experiences for their guests which translates into more loyalty and naturally-occurring (and free) positive word of mouth marketing.

If you are serious about growing your sales, focus on your current customers. Creating MORE loyal guests is the #1 key to building and sustaining high levels of sales and profit.

Implementing more practical, proven ways to market your restaurant is just one of the topics of our workshop “Essential Business Skills — Proven Ways to Build Sales, Reduce Costs and Improve Your Profit.” Register now to learn how to improve your financial management and marketing skills to build a more successful and profitable business.


Jim Laube is the founder and CEO of RestaurantOwner.com, an online provider of systems, business management and leadership resources for independent restaurant operators. He previously held positions as a restaurant manager, controller and CFO for a regional restaurant chain. Then for 15 years Jim practiced as an independent advisor and CPA to independent restaurant organizations, working primarily in the areas of financial management, internal controls, development of operating procedures and enhancing profitability. He is a highly regarded speaker and trainer whose clients have included Papa John’s, KFC, Red Lobster and numerous independent and small chain restaurant companies.

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