March 1, 2016 |

Maximize Your Pizza Expo Experience

By Pizza Today

Pizza Expo crowdshot

This month, the beast that is International Pizza Expo takes over Las Vegas. If this will be your first trip to the show, you’re probably overwhelmed. And that’s understandable. But fret not: the experience is going to be an educational and eye-opening one. And with these steps, you can maximize your enjoyment and post-show business benefits.

  • Wear comfortable shoes. Trust us. Last year Editor-in-Chief Jeremy White and Art Director Josh Keown wore Fitbits throughout the show to measure how many steps they took each day. The verdict? An average of 35,000 steps and roughly 15 miles walked per day.
    You may not run between the show floor, demos and seminars as much as our staffers do throughout the Expo, but you will be on the move. A lot. Keep that in mind when you choose your footwear for the day.
  • Be ready to take notes. Whether you use your smart phone, iPad or do it the old fashioned way with pen and paper, you are going to want to jot down much of what you hear in the seminar rooms and cooking demonstrations. You’re not an elephant. Don’t think you are going to rely on memory.
  • Work as a team. There’s so much to see and do at Expo, and many of the things you’ll want to experience will be happening concurrently. That’s why it’s a great idea to take a spouse, manager or other employees with you to the show. Divide and conquer!
  • Hydrate. The desert air is dry and will take a toll on your skin while you’re in Vegas. Drink up throughout the day as you are walking the show floor. And drink up at night during our Beer & Bull Idea Exchange and our Pizza Expo Block Party!
  • Wake up early. As difficult as that is to do after a night of gambling in Sin City, the Keynote Addresses are worth it. Insightful and inspirational, you don’t want to get caught sleeping at the wheel. You can sleep when you’re dead, right?
  • Budget your time. The show floor is huge –– nearly 5½ football fields in size, in fact. It’s packed with vendors offering everything from marketing services to ovens. Everything you could ever need to run your pizzeria is available on the show floor. Don’t skip an aisle. Don’t plan on just walking the floor for an hour and then heading to the casino. You’ll want to stop and talk to the vendors and try their products. This takes time. Plan accordingly.
  • Game on. The World Pizza Games, simply put, are fun. When you need to get off your feet and rest your mind, this just might be the best entertainment in Vegas. Who needs Cirque du Soleil when you can watch your peers spin dough?
  • Work those taste buds. Between samples on the show floor, the cooking demonstrations and the International Pizza Challenge, your stomach is going to get quite a workout. Remember, it’s all in the name of research! You might find your next big seller when you least expect it. Don’t stuff yourself with a big breakfast… you’re going to want to taste away at the show.
  • Get social. Use #PizzaExpo on your favorite social media forums to keep up with your peers and see what your fellow attendees find interesting and useful.
  • Use the app. Download the free International Pizza Expo app through the Apple App Store or Google Play. This will be your go-to tool throughout the show.
  • Smile. You’re among friends when you’re at International Pizza Expo. It’s a homecoming. Enjoy the experience!


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