December 1, 2016 |

Road to Expo: Touring Las Vegas One Pie at a Time

By Bruce Allar

scott wiener pizza professional

Scott Wiener
Owner of Scott’s Pizza Tours in NYC and Pizza Today’s Man on the Street

Come to Pizza Expo in March and take a real busman’s holiday — aboard a tour bus of like-minded pizzeria owners visiting three of the best places in Las Vegas. The tour is being led by Scott Wiener, famous for his pizza tours of New York City and a recognized authority on pizza history. Those who sign up for the tour when they register as attendees will stop at these establishments and hear from their owners: Pizza Rock (Tony Gemignani), Metro Pizza (John Arena) and 800 Degrees (Anthony Carron). We asked Scott for a few thoughts about his Las Vegas Pizza Tour. Pizza Expo: Why did you select the three pizzerias that are on the tour? Scott Wiener: “The pizza world has been undergoing

expansion ever since it became popular in the mid 20th century, so I decided to curate a tour of Las Vegas’ pizza scene to highlight three distinct operational styles. These are three pillars of the city’s pizza scene and reflective of operations across the country.”

PE: What will surprise attendees on the tour?

SW: “The three pizzerias we’re visiting on the tour have completely different formats, but attendees will be surprised to find out just how much overlap there is from one shop to the next. It’s usually a shock to people — even those in the industry — just how much depth and breadth there is with such a simple food.

“Every time I tour with pizzeria owners, they’re enlightened to see what’s going on behind the counter at a pizza concept that’s different from theirs. It’s very humbling to see other pizzerias in action, especially when you walk away with ideas that could help you do your job better.”

PE: What happens on that bus between stops?

SW: “I like to fill our time between pizzerias with some contextual information about pizza history. No pizzeria exists in a vacuum, so it’s important to get some background information about each location. We’ll also do some light Q&A so I can hone in on what the group is interested in learning from our host pizzerias.”

PE: Is Vegas a pizza town in your mind?

SW: Classic American pizza cities like New York, Chicago and New Haven are all significant because of their histories and distinct pizza styles, but Las Vegas is an incredible reflection of the country’s contemporary pizza landscape. You’ll find every concept there, from family style to takeout to fast casual. This is a destination city that attracts people from all across the country, so its pizza options reflect just that.”

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