February 14, 2018 |

American Pizza Community Applauds U.S. House Passage of Common Sense Menu Labeling Legislation

Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act a Win for Consumers and Small Businesses

Washington, D.C. – February 7, 2018 – The American Pizza Community (APC), a coalition of large and small pizza companies, franchisees, suppliers and thousands of employees that make up the pizza industry, applauded the passage of the Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act (H.R. 772) with a vote on the floor of the U.S. House yesterday of 266-157.  The legislation would allow small businesses the flexibility to provide nutrition information in a way that makes sense to customers:  online.

“Pizza store owners and operators continue to support the intent behind menu-labeling laws and we’re happy that Congress is taking action to make these regulations workable for small business owners,” said Tim McIntyre, Chair of the APC.  “We are grateful to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA-5) and Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-CA-29) for their continued leadership and support of this bill,” continued McIntyre.

Pizza stores nationwide have been preparing for labeling the millions of pizza combinations on in-store menu boards as required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, which take effect in May.  Regrettably, FDA’s final regulations far exceeded Congress’s original intent and disregarded the practical experience of thousands of small business owners who employ hundreds of thousands of people. 

The APC has advocated that pizza requires unique ways to make this information available and delivered in a meaningful way to customers. Ninety percent of customers place orders online or over the phone. Further, an inflexible requirement to label in-store menu boards with broad calorie ranges for entire pizzas will not enhance consumer education but would come at great expense to owners.  According to the Office of Management and Budget estimates, companies and small business franchisees will need to devote 14.5 million hours to comply with the FDA’s menu labeling requirements costing more than $1 billion in the first year alone.

“With millions of different combinations to customize a single pizza, it is nearly impossible to display understandable ranges on an in-store menu board where the majority of orders aren’t taken.  We simply want the flexibility to give nutrition information in a way that makes sense to our customers,” McIntyre said.  


The American Pizza Community

The American Pizza Community is a coalition of the nation’s large and small pizza companies, operators, franchisees, vendors, suppliers and other entities that make up the American pizza industry. 

Current members include Domino’s Pizza, Figaro’s Italian Pizza, Godfather’s Pizza, Hungry Howie’s, Hunt Brothers Pizza, the International Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association, Little Caesars, Nick-N-Willy’s Pizza, Pizza Factory, and Pizza Schmizza. Supplier partners include Coca-Cola, Leprino Foods Company, Middleby Marshall, Paradise Tomato Kitchens, PepsiCo and Tyson Foods.  Affiliate partners include the National Pork Producers Council and the Tomato Products Wellness Council. 

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