June 4, 2018 |

Balancing Act: Do you know your demographics?

By Mandy Wolf Detwiler

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Knowing the wants and needs of your clientele reaps rewards

Mike Bausch owns a small string of independent pizzerias in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area. He’s managed to cover several demographics with his stores, including blue collar and upscale.

owner, Mike Bausch, andolini's, tulsa, oklahoma

Mike Bausch, owner, Andolini’s, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“You’ve got to have a solid meat pizza,” Bausch says. “When I first opened the (Tulsa proper) store, a lot of things just hit me in the face. I’d been in Owasso (Oklahoma) for six years going through a small amount of artichokes and spinach a week.

“This is the heart of Tulsa, which is the up-and-coming Austin. … It’s very progressive –– a lot of concert venues, a lot of art galleries, a lot of restaurants. … We’re going through a ton more items that I’ve never sold out of before because they want more avant-garde in the city.”

The suburban locations quiet down in the evenings, but on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, its not uncommon for Bausch’s urban stores to stay open until midnight or 1 am pushing out slices, especially on concert nights.

“The marketing approach to all three is a balancing act,” Bausch says. “How do I keep it the same across the brand?”

He hosted a kids’ contest at one location, but a pint night at another featuring unusual beers.

It’s all about knowing your clientele, Bausch says, and that translates to solid sales.

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