May 14, 2018 |

Craft Beer Guide for Pizzerias

By Denise Greer

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Everything from craft beer styles and trends to sales, marketing and ops

It’s American Craft Beer Week. We’ve pulled together resources from, the craft beer industry and food sources from around the web to bring you a guide to selling craft beer in your pizzeria. Take a look at the categories and links to dynamite articles on beer basics, styles, pricing, marketing and food pairing.

Let’s begin:


Craft Beer 101


Making the List: A Guide to Building a Better Beer List

Get the craft beer basics. What you need to know about considerations for creating your beer list, including alcohol content and flavor profile, as well as rotation and region. We’ve also covered what needs to be on the beer menu to help customers pick the right beer for them.


Brewhaha: Creating a Craft Beer Destination

Find out what components established beer destinations focus on to be the go-to craft beer spot. Also explore pizzeria breweries and pizzerias with private labeling or collaboration beers.


Beer 101 | Beer Education

This is a great resource for general information on beer basics, including styles, how to pour, how to taste, beer advocacy, beer and food pairings, beer history and homebrewing.


On Tap: Getting Started (Selling Craft Beer)

Get operator insights on what you need to be able to start selling craft beer including draft and/or bottle and can, as well as financial costs.


On Tap: Why Craft Beer

Learn the revenue logistics and marketing opportunities of selling craft beer.


Beer Styles


Red Wagon Pizza Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota, pizzeriaBrewers Association Beer Style Guidelines 2018 Edition

The Brewers Association has put together one of the best resources to learn about beer styles. It outlines a style’s profile (color, clarity, perceived malt aroma and flavor, perceived hop aroma and flavor, perceived bitterness, fermentation characteristics and body).


On Tap: Tapping What’s in Style

On Tap provides a good primer for what beer styles are popular in restaurants as well as an understanding of style descriptions.


Beer Pricing


On Tap: Beer Pricing and Promotion

In this On Tap, Keith Coffman breaks down keg pricing and math formulas for pricing craft beer.


Premiumization, Prices, and Positioning

Gain insights on how the craft brewers price their beers and pricing trends and forecasts in the industry.


Operations and Marketing Craft Beer


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VIDEO: Q&A with Ind. Beer Destination Parlour’s Beer Guru

On Tap: Doing it Right

This On Tap goes inside a pizzeria with a highly successful beer program how the operation works.


On Tap: Keep it Clean

Dirty beer draft lines can destroy your beverage program. Get tips on maintaining properly cleaned draft lines.


On Tap: Keg Storage Space

Most pizzerias are short on space. This On Tap provides tips on designing your keg cooler layout.


On Tap: Training & Education

Find strategies to keep your wait staff and bartenders on their game with craft beer knowledge.


Marketing Beer and Wine

Restaurants have unique challenges when marketing beverages programs. See how pizzerias have found their niche marketing craft beer.


On Tap: Marketing and Promotions that Work

Take a look at a few pizzeria-specific beer marketing ideas that increase your bottom line profits.


Food and Craft Beer


A Brief Beer & Food Matching Chart

You’ll want to print this chart to refer to when you are coming up with pizza and beer pairings. It is heavily cheese influenced, great for pizzerias.


Which Beer Goes with Which Cheese? (Infographic)

Cheese may be the reason why beer and pizza go so well together. View several beer and cheese pairing lists.


Beer and Food Pairings

Epicurious has put together a great resource on pairing meals with specific beers and why they work.


Beer in Pizza Dough


On Tap: Come Together

Find out how to enhance your pizza dough by infusing beer. Get a small batch beer dough recipe.


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