September 1, 2017 |

Expo Spotlight: Create the perfect pasta menu at Pizza & Pasta Northeast

By Bill Oakley

The Northeast’s best pasta chefs lead user-friendly demonstrations

Special Pasta Presentation: Future of Pasta Panel

Is the current popularity of handmade pasta a trend with legs? Have we indeed entered a new golden age of pasta with creative sauces and ingredient combinations popping up in casual, neighborhood restaurants? And can pasta go fast-casual?

With Johnson & Wales University instructor and baking expert Peter Reinhart moderating the discussion, our panel of top pasta chefs will discuss what’s hot and what’s not on the pasta menu.

Joining Peter will be Hari Cameron, who recently opened two locations of grandpa (MAC), a fast-casual, handmade pasta concept; Antimo DiMeo of Ardé Osteria in Wayne, PA; and Lorenzo Boni, the executive chef for Barilla America who previously was at highly rated restaurants in both New York and his native Italy.


Lasagna Bolognese Our Way

Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli
Quality Italian Steakhouse, New York

Scott Tacinelli and Angie Rito, Quality Italian Steakhouse, NY

Husband and wife chefs Scott Tacinelli and Angie Rito first gained fame for their unique takes on lasagna at their East Village speakeasy Dinnertable (now under different ownership) and they currently offer creative pasta dishes at Quality Italian Steakhouse, which opened in 2013 in Midtown Manhattan. Their rolled and filled Lasagna Bolognese, cut into pinwheel-shaped portions, features alternating layers of besciamella, bolognese and three different cheeses, with tomato sauce and dollops of fresh robiolina added for serving. See how this remarkable dish comes together and hear about other creations from these pasta visionaries.


Discovering the Regional Cuisine of Italy: A Pasta Tour

Lorenzo Boni, Barilla

Lorenzo Boni
Executive Chef, Barilla

Learn what distinguishes the pasta cookery of the north, south, and central parts of Italy, along with the elements and techniques that unite them. Barilla Executive Chef Lorenzo Boni will review and demo each region’s specialty pasta dishes, revealing along the way the differences between the foods and methods of Italy compared to the U.S. You may be surprised to see — and taste — how different some Italian-American classics are when prepared in the classic tradition.


Making Pasta Fast-Casual

Hari Cameron, grandpa (MAC), Rehoboth Beach, DE

Renowned chef Hari Cameron, who received James Beard award nominations for his first solo restaurant, a(MUSE) in Rehoboth Beach, DE, launched a pasta-focused fast-casual restaurant in 2015. He’ll share his experiences converting to fast-casual and demonstrate a few of the house-made pasta menu hits at grandpa (MAC).


Farm-to-Table Pasta

Dan Richer, Razza Pizza Artigianale, Jersey City, NJ

Dan Richer, owner Razza, Jersey City, New Jersey

Dan Richer, chef and owner of Razza Pizza Artigianale, first gained fame for his Italian cooking at Arturo’s in Maplewood, NJ. He’ll demonstrate how, with one simple technique, you can create unlimited pasta variations based on ingredients that are available seasonally. He’ll show you how items such as whole-wheat penne with butternut squash or bucatini with pancetta and onion can be locally sourced for fall and winter specials.


Gluten-Free Pastas

Alex Napolitano, Rubirosa, NY

Chef Alex Napolitano has built an entire menu of gluten-free offerings at the acclaimed Rubirosa Ristorante in New York City, including pizza and pasta choices. He’ll demonstrate Rubirosa’s house-made pasta and describe the gluten-free approach that is drawing a growing number of customers.


Adding Ancient Grains to Your Fresh Pasta Program

Antimo DiMeo, Ardé Osteria, Wayne, PA

During his experiences with high-powered chefs in top restaurants in Italy and on the Spanish island of Ibiza, Antimo DiMeo learned a simple approach to adding grains such as buckwheat, kamut and farro into a fresh-pasta program. He’ll show you how to elevate your fresh pastas with these alternatives taking a taste-first rather than trend-first approach. Now the chef at Ardé Osteria in Wayne, PA, he also uses a variety of grains for his doughs for breads and pizzas.



Hari Cameron, grandpa (MAC), Reoboth Beach, DE

Hari Cameron
grandpa (MAC), Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Hari Cameron, chef-owner of the a(MUSE) bistro and grandpa (MAC), will show you how to make your own gnocchi and prepare sauces for it that customers will crave. This easy menu addition makes a great side dish and Hari will present several techniques and recipes to help you master the perfect dumpling that will work in any type of restaurant.




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