May 14, 2018 |

Five Carb-loaded Recipes Your Customers Can’t Resist

By Mandy Wolf Detwiler

garlic knots

Are you making your own bread in-house? Everyone loves fresh, hot bread at the table but often pizzeria diners find themselves overly stuffed. If you lack the capacity or know-how, you can stretch your dough further on your menu. These can be made in advance and sold at the point-of-purchase or added as an appetizer offering.


Feta & Sun-dried Tomato Focaccia

This sounds more complicated than it is. Crumbled feta, sun-dried tomato, artichoke hearts and fresh basil should all be in-house already. You can make plain focaccia and then add ingredients for flavor.


Garlic Knots

These couldn’t be easier. If I cut down a dough ball, they can easily be twisted into garlic knots. Brush with butter and sprinkle with Parmesan both before and after baking and sell with your marinara. Be certain to warm the marinara first –– there’s nothing worse than hot garlic knots and ice-cold sauce. Try Cheesy Garlic Bread, too.


Garlic Toast

This couldn’t be easier, and if it isn’t on your menu you’re missing out on a big money maker. Add shredded mozzarella to make cheese bread.


Cinnamon Swirl Pizza

Cinnamon Swirl Pizza

While not technically a bread, this is made with your pizza dough and is great sold as a POP purchase for the next morning. Serve with a side of royal icing (make sure you use a disposable lid!)


Grilled Flat Bread with Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette and Parmesan Lace

This appetizer couldn’t be easier. The Parmesan cheese wedges are a great addition to salads as well.


If you’d like to learn more about the baking industry, the International Artisan Bakery Expo will be held congruent with International Pizza Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 5-9, 2019. More information and the show’s Web site will be released at a later date.

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