April 24, 2018 |

Get your social media posts in the right hands to increase your reach

By Denise Greer

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How to find social influencers in your community

It’s safe to say that we are all rolling our eyes at Facebook’s new algorithm, which further limits what people see in their feeds. Just when we figured out how to optimize our reach on social media, BAM, it’s a completely new ballgame. This is where having social influencers could help you stay on top.


What’s a social influencer?

Basically, it’s a social media user who has established credibility as an authority in a specific area or industry. The influencer has a large following with a wide reach.

To put it simply: if one of these influencers shares your post or creates original posts about your business, that is equivalent to social content GOLD. While some pay large amounts to buy social influencers, there are some local social influencers who might be jazzed enough about your pizzeria to spread the word.


Who are local social influencers?

  • Scott Wiener

    Food bloggers or critics. Every newspaper and media outlet has at least one person dedicated to the local food scene. Don’t overlook the micro markets of your neighborhoods and districts.

  • Foodie/Pizza Enthusiasts. Find the Scott Wiener, our Man on the Street and founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours in NYC, of your town. This is someone who is so enthusiastic about food and pizza that their social accounts are dedicated to the love of all things food.
  • Community leaders. These are folks who are highly engaged in the happenings and development of your community. They could be business leaders, community network gurus, volunteer mavens, people engaged in social or civic groups or political leaders.
  • Local Celebrities. These are typically local TV and radio personalities, as well as entertainers and major attraction representatives.


Don’t know where to start?

Here are five actions you can take right now in your shop and on your smart phone:

  • Ask your customers who they follow to hear about places opening and cool things happening.
  • Google some of the phrases above and your town.
  • Comb through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to explore who’s who in the food business and see who they follow. You will notice patterns of influencers.
  • Once you identify social influencers, send them a private note on social media and invite them to try your food or a special influencers event and “wow” them.
  • Lastly, as an individual, be the social influencer for all things pizza in your community. Remember, keep it on topic and professional.


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