February 25, 2014 |

UPDATE: Goodfella’s ‘Forkgate’ fork sells for $2,500 in charitable donation

By Denise Greer

Scot and Marc Cosentino, co-owners of Goodfella's Photo: @jjk607

Scot and Marc Cosentino, co-owners of Goodfella’s
Photo: @jjk607

Update: Goodfella’s ‘Forkgate’ fork sells at auction for $2,500. The infamous fork that was at the center of the pizza scandal involving Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio’s culinary skills has finally sold at auction. The fork was donated to the Tunnel To Towers Foundation by the owners of Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza to help raise awareness for the foundation which has been a tremendous help in the community building housing for disabled veterans. The bidding was started off by the New York Brick Oven Co. at $1000 dollars which kept rolling and ended off reaching the $2500 mark by auction end. The fork was purchased by an anonymous donor who then turned around and donated it back to Goodfella’s saying “it’s where this piece of history belongs”. The fork is now on permanent display at the world famous Staten Island eatery.

You’ve probably heard that New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio recently was photographed eating pizza with a knife and fork — scandalous in a city known for the fold-and-eat technique.

But what you not have heard is that co-owner of Goodfella’s in Staten Island and retired NYPD sergeant Marc Cosentino bagged said fork into an NYPD evidence bag. Why? Cosentino will auction off the infamous fork for a local charity. The auction date and charity are to be determining. See full article in The New York Observer.

Great way to turn the viral incident into a gesture of goodwill, Goodfella’s.

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