March 25, 2015 |

International Pizza Challenge: Traditional/ Napoletana Winners

By Mandy Wolf Detwiler


Mid-America Region

1st: Robert Sipes — Marco’s Pizza, Toledo, Ohio (advances to final: fourth highest overall score)

2nd: Paul Cataldo

3rd: Joe Abdul


International Region

1st: Aaron Gehrman — Emilio Finatti Pizzeria, White Rock, BC, Canada (advances to final: third highest overall score)

2nd: Francesco Vitiello

3rd: Vincenzo Capuano


Southeast Region

1st: Jane Mines — Nima’s Pizza, Gassville, Arkansas

2nd: Michael Athanasopoulous

3rd: Giovanmia Gagliardi


Northwest Region

1st: Aaron Hecht — Wild West Pizzeria, West Yellowstone, Montana

2nd: Nicholas Diesslia

3 rd: Mike Rutledge


Northeast Region

1st: Mario Flores — Williamsburg Pizza, Brooklyn, New York (advances to final: highest score overall)

2nd: Andrew Wolf

3rd: John Zozzaro


Southwest Region

1st: Arturo Ruiz-Gomez — Joe’s NY Pizza, Las Vegas, Nevada (advances to final: second highest score overall)

2nd: Zach Tiner

3rd: Luciano Passeri


Pizza Napoletana

1st: Tonino Cogliano — La Pizzeria Frigento, AV, Italy (Advances to Pizza Maker of the Year competition)

2nd: Thiago Vasconcelos — Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco, California

3rd: Akinari Makishima — Solo Pizza Napoletana, Nagoya Aichi, Japan



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