February 9, 2018 |

Jersey Pizza Boys Unite 8,000 Pizzerias Nationwide to Coordinate Largest Community Pizza Donation in History

In partnership with Slice and Slice Out Hunger “Pizza Across America” will launch on National

Pizza Day in support of aiding hunger relief

NEW YORK, January 9, 2018 — Nicholas Testa, 11, and Michael Testa, 13, of the Jersey Pizza Boys have partnered with leading online and mobile pizza ordering platform Slice (www.SliceLife.comand New York-based non-profit organization Slice Out Hunger (www.SliceOutHunger.orgto launch “Pizza Across America” a nationwide effort to help fight hunger. The campaign kicks off on National Pizza Day (February 9, 2018).

Widely recognized for their viral effect on the pizza industry, brothers Nicholas and Michael Testa, took an early interest in charity work. They came up with the idea for “Pizza Across America” after executing the concept locally and giving out slices to help feed the homeless in areas surrounding their family-owned pizzeria in Jersey City, N.J. This local charity initiative was what ultimately led them to embark on a larger campaign with the goal of scaling their efforts on a national level. To help bring their idea to life, the boys brought in pizza industry veterans Slice and Slice Out Hunger.

By joining forces with Slice, “Pizza Across America” is supporting independent pizzerias and uniting the overall pizza industry to create a positive impact on hunger relief. Dedicated to helping local pizzerias compete with big chains, Slice’s platform will provide access to over 8,000 of its partnering pizzerias and encouraging them to donate. By signing up for the campaign, each pizzeria within Slice’s network has pledged to donate a minimum of 10 pizzas to a local food bank, soup kitchen or shelter.

Since launching in 2009, Slice Out Hunger has raised over $250,000 to fund hunger relief efforts by leveraging its community of pizza lovers to raise awareness for those in need through fundraisers, campaigns and events across the country. Tapping into its robust network of local hunger relief charities, Slice Out Hunger will give participating pizzerias access to food banks and relevant charity organizations in various markets across all 50 states.

“We’re very excited and humbled to be a part of “Pizza Across America” where we’ve been given the incredible opportunity of using our platform for an unprecedented nationwide effort,” said Ilir Sela, founder and CEO of Slice. “Slice’s mission has always been to empower local pizzerias. Today, we’re uniting the pizza industry for an important cause and empowering our partners all over the U.S. to participate in this campaign with us alongside the Jersey Pizza Boys and Slice Out Hunger to help aid hunger relief.”

“At Slice Out Hunger our mission is to produce pizza-related events and campaigns in support of American hunger relief and prevention initiatives. That’s why we’re thrilled to be partnering with Slice and the Jersey Pizza Boys to launch the largest charitable delivery campaign to ever take place in the history of pizza,” said Scott Wiener, founder of Slice Out Hunger. “With over 41 million Americans struggling with hunger each year, “Pizza Across America’s” impact will be immense.”

For a list of participating pizzerias near you, please visit SliceOutHunger.org and join the movement.


Slice is the leading online and mobile pizza ordering platform that connects every pizza lover with their favorite authentic, local pizzeria. Customers can find pizza near them, place an order through Slice’s website, iOS or Android app, and check out with a stored payment method or Apple Pay, making the process as easy and quick as possible. Slice’s marketing and innovative technology solutions allow independent pizzerias in over 8,000 cities nationwide to grow their business and maintain control of their brand locally. Every order is supported by Slice’s 24/7 customer service team to ensure all orders are successfully processed. Founded in 2010 by Ilir Sela, Slice is a privately held company headquartered in New York. To date, Slice has raised $20 million from GGV Capital, Primary Ventures and others. For more information, please visit Slicelife.com or download the Slice iOS or Android app.


Since 2009, Slice Out Hunger has supported American hunger relief and prevention initiatives through pizza-related events and campaigns. This NYC-based nonprofit is run by pizza lovers and industry veterans. Founder Scott Wiener established Slice Out Hunger with an annual pizza evert in NYC shortly after launching a company offering guided tours of New York’s top pizzerias.

The event gained momentum and achieved 501(c)3 status in 2015, having already benefited hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers in need. Now Slice Out Hunger is extending its mission across the U.S. with campaigns and events that support both independent pizzerias and the communities they serve.


The Jersey Pizza Boys, Nicholas Testa, 11, and Michael Testa, 13, are famed for tossing and spinning pizza dough in viral YouTube videos and on national and international television shows. The boys began playing with pizza at their father’s pizzeria, Carmine’s Pizza Factory, in Jersey City, N.J. As more customers began to stop and watch the boys spin dough, their father decided to upload a video of the two online. The video went viral, and has since helped the boys rack in over 10 million combined views. They have performed on top-notch morning and late night TV shows, including The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, The Steve Harvey Show, and the Rachael Ray Show.

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