April 1, 2017 |

Pizza & Pasta Northeast: The Cousins are Traveling to Atlantic City

By Bill Oakley

Pizza Masters, Pizza Cuz

Cousins Sal Basile and Francis Garcia, owners of nine Artichoke Pizzerias throughout the U.S. and hosts of Pizza Cuz / Pizza Masters series on the Cooking Channel.

I’ve got some exciting news to share with you regarding our Wednesday keynote address at Pizza & Pasta Northeast, which will be held October 17–18, 2017 at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Bill Oakley
Group Show Director

Many have heard the call, but only two pizza makers have been chosen¬—at least by a national television network—to travel the country in search of the best and most unusual pizzas. Cousins Sal Basile and Francis Garcia, who grew up in the family’s Staten Island restaurant and now have nine Artichoke Pizzerias throughout the U.S., were selected to do just that by the Cooking Channel, resulting in the Pizza Cuz / Pizza Masters series that began airing back in May 2013.

They’ve traveled everywhere the smell of fresh pizza can take them, from New York to California, and their own back backyard of Brooklyn, tasting and discovering everything related to America’s favorite food. Along the way they’ve tasted everything from classic New York-style pizza to the unimaginable. One particularly memorable Indian pizza they discovered in San Francisco was made with turmeric in the crust and toppings that included curry powder, cilantro and tandoori chicken that was out of this world. Sal and Francis have their own signature pie, the Artichoke, which has a cult following in New York City.

The duo bring to their Northeast Pizza & Pasta keynote an undeniable passion for pizza, their knowledge of the craft as pizzaioli and tales of their pie-searching travels. For more information on the 2017 Pizza & Pasta Northeast tradeshow, call (800) 489-8324 or visit pizzaandpastaexpo.com.

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Bill Oakley
Show Director

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