August 1, 2017 |

Road to Pizza & Pasta: Top Chefs and Pizza Makers On Two Demonstration Stages

By Bruce Allar

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Pizza & Pasta Northeast, October 17-18, 2017
Atlantic City Convention Center


Pizza Demonstrations

Tuesday, October 17

Roberto Caporuscio
Kesté Pizza & Vino, New York, NY

Roberto Caporuscio
Kesté Pizza & Vino

Italian native Roberto Caporuscio trained in Naples under Antonio Starita and brought Neapolitan-style pizza making to New York with Kesté Pizza & Vino in 2009 and Don Antonio by Starita in 2012. He’ll demonstrate classic Neapolitan pizza making techniques.

Doug Ferriman
Crazy Dough’s Pizza

The co-founder of four-store Crazy Dough’s in Boston, Doug Ferriman is an International Pizza Challenge champion and master of creative pies served by the slice. He’ll show you how he tests new flavors and explain best methods for putting them profitably on the menu.

Steve Carcarey
Collegeville Italian Bakery

Co-owner of an Italian bakery, deli, marketplace and pizzeria Napoletana in Collegeville, Pa., Steve Carcarey is a certified pizzaioli who offers breakfast pizzas all day long. He’ll explain how to dress up eggs and cheese with some other unexpected ingredients to attract new business.

Dan Richer
Razza Pizza Artiganale

Famed for his Italian cooking and artisan pizzas in Jersey City, Dan Richer will go through the steps involved in building your own starter and making a customized crust with 100 percent natural dough fermentation.

John Arena, Metro Pizza
And Nino Coniglio, Williamsburg Pizza

Two champion pizza makers — John Arena from Las Vegas and Nino Coniglio from Brooklyn — team up to demonstrate the dough, sauce and topping combinations that characterize pizzas true to the American tradition. Naturally, they’ll add a few twists.


Wednesday, October 18

Giulio Adriani
Antimo Caputo/Orlando Foods

Ever-innovative Giulio Adriani has introduced pizzas with flash-fried dough and operated a kosher pizzeria. Now he’s experimenting with healthier crusts for gluten-free and whole-grain pizzas. He’ll show you a Neapolitan-trained approach to making a tasty gluten-free pie.

Frank Pinello
Best Pizza, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Frank Pinello
Best Pizza

The owner of Best Pizza in Brooklyn and host of the Pizza Show series on Vice’s Munchies channel, Frank Pinello specializes in pies by the slice. He’ll demonstrate top-sellers and explain how to bake, keep fresh and showcase them for maximum sales.

Anthony Allen and Mike Keon
OTTO Pizza

With six locations in Maine and another six in Massachusetts, co-founders Anthony Allen and Mike Keon are regionally famous for pies showcasing mashed potatoes, butternut squash and other unusual ingredients. They’ll share their creative process and inspire you to push your own pizza boundaries.

Matt Tedeschi and Tory Profaci
Grande Cheese Co.

Experienced cheese makers Tory Profaci and Matt Tedeschi demonstrate the art of making  fresh-curd mozzarella for pizza — and pasta or Caprese salad. They’ll explain its properties as an ingredient on any menu upgrade.


Pasta Demonstrations

Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli
Quality Italian Steakhouse, New York

Lasagna Bolognese Our Way

Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli
Quality Italian Steakhouse, New York

The Regional Pastas of Italy

Lorenzo Boni
Executive Chef, Barilla

Making Pasta Fast-Casual

Hari Cameron
grandpa (MAC), Rehoboth Beach, Del.

Gluten-Free Pastas

Giulio Adriani
Antimo Caputo/Orlando Foods

Adding Ancient Grains Into Fresh Pasta

Antimo DiMeo
Ardé Osteria, Wayne, Pa.


Hari Cameron
grandpa (MAC), Rehoboth Beach, Del.

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