October 1, 2017 |

Top 3 Gluten-free Tips from Alex Napolitano, Rubirosa, NYC

By Pizza Today

Alex Napolitano, Executive Chef at Rubirosa New York City offers advice for operators who want to add a gluten-free menu:

  1. Please take the issue of gluten allergies seriously. It is an easy thing for someone who can ingest gluten to dismiss, but carelessness can lead to serious health issues for someone who cannot ingest offerings containing gluten.
  2. Nearly all foods can be made to their fully delicious potential without using wheat/gluten products. All it takes is some care and attention to detail, with a bit of creativity.
  3. It’s time to change our paradigm when it comes to preparing food. We are here at the pleasure of our guests, and it is in our best interest to accommodate all. I believe that each and every person that walks in the door should leave happy and satisfied.


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