March 1, 2018 |

Vegan Pizza Menu Do’s and Don’t from Scott Sandler

By Denise Greer

Scott Sandler, Pizza Head, St. Louis, Missouri, vegetarian, pizzeria, slice shop

Scott Sandler, owner of Pizza Head in St. Louis, Missouri

There is no meat on the premise of Pizza Head, a vegetarian pizzeria in St. Louis. The slice shop has established itself as a vegan pizza destination. Owner Scott Sandler offers some do’s and don’t:

  • If you’re going do a vegan menu, don’t have it as an afterthought.
  • Somebody that’s doing it should know the difference between vegetarianism and veganism.
  • If you can’t put the time and energy into creating really interesting options, (bagged shredded vegan cheese) is a decent option because that will bring you more customers.
  • Charge for it. If you’re making cashew cheese, cashews and olive oil are your main costs. So I’m charging for the cashews and I’m charging for the pepperoni I’m buying retail.
  • Animal byproducts — It’s not a perfect science. You just have to look at the labels.
  • (Eliminate cross contamination.) Make sure that someone doesn’t accidentally get a piece of meat or cheese on their pizza.
  • It does come down to economics and market. What do you want to do? Who are you marketing to? Where are you located?

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