October 16, 2014 |

Big Vinny’s Take & Bake Pizza to open second location

By Pizza Today

LINCOLN, NEB. – Lincoln, Nebraska, residents will soon gain another way to create customized, restaurant-quality pizza ready to bake in the comforts of their own home.

Under the guidance of iconic pizza company Godfather’s Pizza, Inc., the home-baked pizza concept uses the finest ingredients and dough made fresh daily to prepare custom ordered pizzas tailored to each customer’s preference that can later be baked in the comforts of their own home. All products include detailed cooking instructions to ensure each bite tastes “Notoriously Good.”

Lincoln’s second Big Vinny’s Take & Bake Pizza will open its doors October 27 at 2840 S. 70th Street, near Russ’s Market off South 70th and Van Dorn streets.

“We’re excited about our second location. We started in Lincoln with our South Street store, and we’re going to continue to grow,” says Rick Ledwich, district manager of Big Vinny’s Take & Bake Pizza. “We love being in Lincoln. We’re looking
forward to the opening.”

More details about the public grand opening currently set for November 15 will follow.

The 1,345 sq. ft. store uses the finest ingredients and dough made-fresh-daily to prepare custom-ordered pizzas – tailored to each customer’s preference – in minutes. Customers have many options for developing their perfect pizza:

  • Crusts – thin or traditional
  • Sauces – signature, alfredo garlic, garlic oil, BBQ, buffalo, tex-mex and pesto
  • Toppings – meats, vegetables and cheeses

All products include detailed cooking instructions to ensure each bite taste “Notoriously Good” that can later be baked in a home oven, right on the tray. Big Vinny’s also offers:

  • Specialty Pizzas – The Big Vinny, Fiesta, Hawaiian, Carnivore, Garden, Tuscan, Greek, BBQ Chicken, Buffalo Chicken and Carbonara.
  •  Skinny Vinny Lite Pizzas (25 percent less calories than traditional crust pizzas) – Pesto Chicken, Alfredo Chicken, Primavera and Italian Meat Trio.
  • Sides – salads, cheesesticks, cookie dough and dessert pizza.

The store is currently seeking employees to fill the multiple positions – dough roller, pizza artist and cashier. Email Rick at RLedwich@Godfathers.com to apply for open positions or visit Godfathers.com for more information. Training for new
crew members begins October 20.

The store will regularly operate Sunday through Thursday at 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday/Saturday at 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Special Halloween pizzas, like the Jack O’ Lantern Pizza and the Mini Mummy Pizza are available for $9.99 and $3.49,
respectively, through the holiday.

The pizza concept began last year by the 41-year-old pizza chain, Godfather’s Pizza, known for A Pizza You Can’t Refuse®. For more information about Big Vinny’s Take & Bake Pizza or to order online, please visit the company’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/BigVinnysPizza or their website at BigVinnys.com

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