December 22, 2017 |

Nancy’s Pizza Launches Nationwide Shipping

“The Original Stuffed Pizza” from Chicago


Nancy’s Original Stuffed Pizza, born in 1971 and created by Rocco & Nancy Palese, is now available to be shipped across the country. To the former Chicagoan’s enjoying Christmas at the beach, to the current Chicagoan being asked to bring Nancy’s on the plane, a slice of Chicago is ready to come home for the holidays.


The Famous Stuffed Pizza was inspired by Rocco’s mother’s recipe for “scarciedda,” an Easter specialty cake eaten back home in Turin, Italy. Rocco perfected the recipe and opened a restaurant named after his beloved wife Nancy to feature his new pizza creation. 

The classic pizza is available to be shipped directly to any home or business in the continental United States.  These pizzas are made with the same high-quality ingredients Rocco used back in 1971.  Nancy’s is offering three Chicago classics with Cheese, Sausage, & Pepperoni.

We have partnered with FedEx to deliver your pizzas safely and reliably as our delivery drivers have for over 47 years. Thanks to our optimal location, we are able to ship almost anywhere in the continental U.S. within 3 days via Ground. Expedited shipping options are also available.”



Last minute holiday gift, homesick students away at college, valentine’s day, national pizza day & every holiday after that.

Founded in 1971, Nancy and Rocco Palese invented the 1st Stuffed Pizza in Chicago after a family recipe for ‘scarciedda,’ an Easter specialty cake made by Rocco’s mother back in Italy. Rocco perfected the recipe and opened a restaurant named after his beloved wife Nancy to feature his new pizza creation. Nancy’s Pizza has since been singled out as one of the best pizza joints in Chicago and name “Chicago’s Best Pizza” from Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune, ABC Chicago, and Eater Chicago to name a few. What began as a family owned pizzeria over 47 years ago, Nancy’s now has 31 franchise locations serving up this award-winning tradition across the country. For more information about Nancy’s Pizza, visit

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