February 12, 2015 |

SpeedLine POS Adds Support for ConnectSmart Kitchen

VANCOUVER, BC, February 10, 2015—Pizza and delivery restaurant point of sale developer SpeedLine Solutions Inc. today announced a new integration with ConnectSmart Kitchen automation software from QSR Automations.

“SpeedLine has supported kitchen display software and systems from QSR Automations for a number of years,” says SpeedLine marketing manager Jennifer Wiebe. “Many of our restaurant clients rely on these systems to control speed of service and minimize the costs and delays associated with printed tickets in the kitchen.”

With ConnectSmart Kitchen, restaurant operators gain new customization options to control the routing and display of every item and order on each kitchen display, highlighting item and order details with user-defined, colors, fonts, and formatting. It also adds support for graphical menu cards, and online video training.

The ConnectSmart Kitchen software supports widescreen displays for more viewing space—and the option of using touch screen displays, particularly helpful for an expeditor to bump items on screen and switch between tabs in Spy View to check on any make station.

In-store team members have access to real-time speed of service information for monitoring the status of the kitchen, and alerts help them provide proactive service. Additionally, restaurant and corporate management can capture and compare critical production and speed metrics to improve operations and guest service.

Guest satisfaction increases with hot food going out hot and fast. Delay routing ensures that items display at the right prep stations in the kitchen based on the cook times for that order. And changes to each item also appear at the expeditor station, providing servers and managers with status updates at a glance.

About QSR Automations:Established in 1996, QSR Automations is the restaurant industry leader in revolutionary in-store, online and mobile guest management systems. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, QSR products help restaurants and businesses of all sizes and concepts around the world measurably increase efficiency and quality. Best known in the industry for their comprehensive ConnectSmart® software and hardware solutions, last year QSR announced the launch of DineTime Host, a guest management iPad app which allows restaurants of any size to improve guest experiences and operate more efficiently. For further information on QSR Automations, visit www.qsrautomations.com or contact QSR at 502-297-0221. 

About SpeedLine Solutions Inc.

The leading provider of innovative solutions for pizza point of sale, SpeedLine (www.speedlinesolutions.com) provides technology solutions for pizza and delivery, quick service, and multi-concept restaurant chains. SpeedLine POS solutions help restaurants and chains operate more efficiently and profitably. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, SpeedLine delivers added value through strategic partnerships with a large network of technology providers and local resellers. SpeedLine serves restaurant companies across the United States and Canada, and in Mexico, Bermuda, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates.


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