November 3, 2015 |

Zoom Pizza Factory to Open New Pizza Experience in Lincoln Park on November 6

After three years of preparation, Zoom Pizza Factory will open for business and is setting its sights on improving your world through pizza. Founder, J.R Werner, believes pizza has an untapped power to be a force for good. He and his team of Pizza Renegades, lead by Chef Paul Guerrero (formerly with Wolfgang Puck and Wildfire), have created a formula to unlock that power by challenging traditional pizza conventions, embracing intuitive technology, keeping a steadfast eye towards responsible sourcing and weaving in a passion for helping others. The resulting harmony between speed and quality makes it easier for guests to balance eating well, eating fast and doing good. Factory doors will open at 2156 N. Clybourn Ave., on November 6 at 10:30am starting a week of pizza discounts culminating in their Power to the Pizza Party on November 14.

The Food
Zoom Pizza Factory encourages guests to flex their culinary courage by complimenting traditional items with more adventurous ones, like Butternut Squash, Figs, and Brussels Sprouts. Escorting guests through the creation process is their personal pizza concierge, the Pizzarista. The Pizzaristas are trained to help diners with pairing ideas for ingredients from both a taste profile and nutritional value standpoint.

To start, guests will have the option to choose from three square pizza shells; Zoom’s original, ancient grain or gluten free. All three square shells utilize less flour and are prepared using old world techniques, which rely on air circulation and moisture for a more natural rise in the dough. This creates a light, crispy, yet moist crust, which will leave guests feeling full, not heavy.

Next, comes a selection of sauces, starting with the original red sauce created from non-GMO imported tomatoes from San Marzano, Italy.  Topping it all is an array of regular and premium cheeses, proteins and produce. Guests have no limit on the amount of toppings they can use to create their perfect pizza. So load them on, the square shell is specially designed to maximize eat-ability, as each square slice is stable enough to hold a ton of toppings without folding or flopping.

Ingredients and toppings are delivered daily and, in Zoom’s spirit of transparency, will be labeled by Non-GMO, Organic, Gluten Free and Traceability. To put the final touches on their perfect pizza, guests can garnish their masterpiece by adding fresh Basil, Creamy Sriracha, Honey or Korean BBQ among other items at the free Drizzle Bar.

Also available to diners will be Zoom Pizza Factory’s pizza salad creation, the Zalata. A Zalata will consist of the square shells brushed with olive oil, seasonings and then piled high with fresh greens, toppings and a choice of dressing.

Through the partnership with SPE, Zoom will also feature a validated nutritionally balanced meal in the form of a pizza. These entrees support SPE’s health thru food initiatives and will alter each month.

Diners will be encouraged to enjoy the Water Bar with purified water from the Vero Water System, a new sustainable countertop water filtration system. Patrons will be invited to infuse their still, sparkling or ambient water with an assortment of naturally grown fruit and vegetables.

Pizza at the tap of an App
Playing a huge role in this re-imagined pizza experience is the integrated technology used to bring speed and quality into harmony. Zoom Pizza Factory will have a dedicated Mobile Prep area specifically designated for orders placed through the Zoom Pizza Factory Mobile App. The app is designed to track one’s proximity to the restaurant so the guest’s pizza creation begins when they are nearing the restaurant allowing a ready-on-arrival experience as their freshly baked pizza comes out of the oven as they walk in the door.

Guests can also jump the line and order directly via the mobile app while on-site. Zoom’s software will recognize your location and their queuing algorithm slots your order appropriately in the dedicated mobile prep area. Guests can also track the progress of their pizza from prep to cook and gain loyalty rewards.

In the middle of the pizza madness is Zoom’s stone conveyor oven, the first of its kind in Chicagoland. This beast uses natural stone, adjustable airflow and continual movement to ensure guest’s pizzas are cooked just right in a matter of minutes.

People helping people at Zoom
Enjoying hand pressed, stone fired pizza amazingly fast is awesome but to transform eating pizza into a force of good Zoom Pizza had to do more. Responsible sourcing of their ingredients and composting 98% of their waste is a start, but Zoom also believes that in our core, people want to help other people. A lot of times things just get in the way. So, the restaurant has affiliated itself with non-profit organizations like Chive Charities and to connect their guests to people in need. Just by eating pizza and drinking water.

Zoom Pizza Factory Details

Zoom Pizza Factory will be open Monday through Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 12 a.m.; and Sunday 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Nov 6 – Nov 14 is Pizza Week with various discounts all weeklong. Nov 14 is Zoom’s Power to the Pizza Party celebrating all things pizza with giveaways all day.

Free parking is available on Southport and Clybourn. ‘Zoomers’ are invited to dine-in at the 48-seat venue, including a six-seat private dining space available to reserve and outdoor patio arriving this spring.

Pricing includes $6.75 for a cheese pizza/zalata, $7.75 for unlimited traditional toppings, $8.75 for unlimited premium toppings and $1.25 for the Water Bar.

For more information, email, call 773-857-3979(EZPZ) or visit, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ZoomPizzaFactory using hashtag #DaretoPizza.

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