October 30, 2012 |

Pest Prevention Tips

By Pizza Today

Spring and summer means outdoor pests are looking to find a way in, and your protein supply (think flour, more specifically) is a welcome mat for them. The following measures can help you overcome your battle with insects in and around your restaurant.

• Clean and sanitize food prep surfaces and floors

• Keep food in covered containers

• Clean stove and grill hoods and exhaust system

• Cover garbage receptacles and keep outdoor garbage receptacles away from
the building

• Fix leaks in faucets and roofs

• Keep drains and gutters clean

• Use plastic bags for wet garbage

• Direct condensation from air conditioning away from the building

• Seal any cracks or openings near windows, doors, vents, pipes, etc.

• Inspect deliveries from suppliers

• Install air curtains on exterior doors

• Get rid of excess cardboard; don’t store supplies in cardboard shipping