March 12, 2014 |

Lactalis Culinary introduces Black Diamond Cheddar Premium Aged Cheddar

By Mandy Wolf Detwiler

Black Diamond aged cheddarLactalis Culinary brings over 130 years of tradition and expertise to its list of high quality cheese brands with its newest brand, Black Diamond Cheddar. The foodservice manufacturer recently introduced the premium aged cheddar which is known for its quality ingredients and careful aging process that slowly brings out the finest characteristics of taste, texture and appearance.

Black Diamond Cheddar is made from the highest quality milk that provides a sharp, superior tasting cheese full of flavor. Aged 1-3 years, the cheddar is available in a variety of formats including portion, sliced, spread, wedge, shred, loaf, print and block. Black Diamond Cheddar is the perfect ingredient for operators wanting to provide something elevated on top of burgers and sandwiches to transform traditional into premium. Learn more about the Black Diamond Premium Aged Cheddar difference at or call (877) 522-8254.