May 11, 2015 |

Fast Casual’s Ultimate Weapon

By Denise Greer

New York Times Goodfella's Staten Island Quatro Cantone
The Fire Show revolving brick oven has been unleashed on the Fast Casual Pizza world by the New York Brick Oven Company. The industries demand for speed, consistency, ease of operation and training has finally been met. The Fire Show series ovens feature a rear burner along with the revolving brick oven deck which also has it’s own seperate patented heating system which will ensure you can avoid the dreaded brick oven “fade” or slowing of your cooking time on conventional ovens with slow recovery time.  The rear fir presents a warm display for locations that are only using gas fire but want a brick oven show. They offer several size options complimenting the Inferno series wood burning  revolving brick oven line. With such an easy to use oven that turns out the highest quality brick oven pizza it is easy to see why so many new Fast Casual concepts trust and are turning to the New York Brick Oven Company for their pizza making needs. New York Brick Oven Company call 800-OVEN-053 or visit www.nybrickovens.comThe World’s Best Ovens!