March 7, 2017 |

Hands Off That Pizza!

By Press Release

If you’re one of the thousands of pizzerias that sells pizza by the slice, the Pizza Tong may be the perfect addition to your store.  The new pizza utensil helps your staff easily comply with health regulations while leaving a great impression on your customers.  The Pizza Tong was created by John Scavo, owner of Giovanni’s Pizza and Pasta out of New Jersey.  Scavo totes over 45 years in pizza industry and says he created the Pizza Tong because he saw there was a need for it.  “Everyone I demonstrated the Pizza Tong for in my area has already bought half a dozen,” says Scavo.

Impress your customers and the board of health

“The road to the Pizza Tong began when we got a bad review on Yelp.  An employee had touched a customer’s pizza slice with their hand on their way to warming it up.  Now, even though it was a cold slice that afterwards went into a 500 degree oven, it gave the customer a negative experience which reflected poorly on our brand.  I have always been an advocate of avoiding direct contact with the pizza even when it’s cold but after this incident I saw there was real demand for a solution to this problem,” says Scavo.

The Pizza Tong is made of heavy grade stainless steel and measures 12 3/4″ long by 5 3/4″ wide.  What makes it so unique is that it acts as a spatula and tongs in one.  It is ideal for taking hot pizzas out of the oven with its heat resistant handle.  The tong component allows you to grip the pizza firmly, avoiding slippage, while the spatula underneath acts as a support, providing a flawless serving experience each time.

Reduce waste

“I’ve been a lot of places with white plastic spatulas that get dirty, end up looking filthy and have to be thrown away,” says Scavo.  “The Pizza Tong is dishwasher safe so you can use it over and over again.” With the Pizza Tong your staff won’t have to worry about putting on or changing out gloves.  Reducing the use of gloves while serving pizza slices can save time and money while still complying with health codes.

To find out more or to get your hands on this hands-free utensil, go to and order online today.  For other Pizza Tong related inquires contact John Scavo at +1(908)507-7557.