July 1, 2016 |

iMenuToGo, a custom restaurant mobile app pioneer, enters into partnership with Heartland, the 5th largest merchant acquirer and processor in the US

By Denise Greer


New York, NY, 1BJune 6, 2016– iMenuToGo is proud to announce a partnership with Heartland; a teaming up that will enable one of the first innovators of online branded apps for mobile ordering to reach the whopping 15%-20% of the restaurant industry that Heartland currently serves. This highly sought after seal of approval as well as direct integration with Heartland’s Dinerware POS will enable both partners to reach a larger market share of the ever expanding mobile ordering industry.

Thus far restaurants have been limited to the usual mix of Eat24, GrubHub, Seamless, etc., in order to enter the mobile ordering market; the downside is the 15% commission rates per order along with practically no marketing exposure for their customers. These fees easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue for these small businesses every month. The customers can never be marketed to directly so the business model ensures that all repeat business is routed back to them. The restaurant never manages to create a personal brand, instead becoming another name amongst a list of hundreds, all the while perpetuating a cycle that bleeds revenue. Enter a Fortune 1000 company like Heartland, providing world-class secure payment processing, to back an innovator on the market that charges 0% commission rates, implements powerful stream-lined marketing tools, offering a fully customizable branded and time-tested application unique to each restaurant, all for a flat monthly fee of $99; there’s a recipe for success in the making.

Due to the rock solid stability and functional ease of use of a mobile application over 5 years in development, iMenuToGo has provided Heartland with a quality service they are eager to offer their clients. It is our passion to give power back to the small businesses across our beloved NYC by allowing them to engage their customers in an economically feasible and proven business model. We are enablers in an industry plagued by volume-based service ultimately leading to dissatisfied customers and a 60% first year failure rate. Combining the ability to create a true personal brand with the peace of mind offered by one of the most secure processors on the planet; perhaps the odds can be beat.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Bernie at 1-855-303-6368 or email at bernie@imenutogo.com.