July 14, 2017 |

Increase your revenue with on-site truck advertising from Patriot Creative Group!

By Press Release

With our U-Haul style box trucks, we help provide business owners with an affordable advertising option which helps to build an additional client base in their area. Whether you need branding, awareness, increased traffic or just to stay ahead of the competition, Patriot trucks provide you with the ability to increase your exposure without maxing out your budget.  For as little as $329.95 per month you can have a truck delivered to your location with professionally installed graphics guaranteed to help you stand out. We offer multiple short and long term options that can be tailored to fit what your business needs to succeed. Once the truck is delivered you get the keys so you can strategically place it, in your area, to get the best advertising exposure. We offer 100 miles per month to use the truck and it is completely street legal. Added benefits from our trucks are the storage it provides as well as the ability to drive it for any number of reasons you may need to use a larger truck. Whether you are located in a highly populated urban area or rural town we will get you a truck as our program is nationwide. We have been in business since 2006 and have a team of highly trained personnel that can assist you with your message and or design. All of this is included with the cost of the truck!  Patriot Creative Group is a sister company to U-Haul International and we are committed to sustainability and thus use retired U-Haul trucks for our program; additionally we use the skilled U-Haul repair shops to image and deliver them to you.  We make every effort to provide trucks that are in great condition and they are all covered under our roadside assistance program.  Furthermore, every Patriot truck includes your states minimum liability insurance requirements. Basically, you should have little to no concern about our trucks other than to find the best way to use them in order to generate more revenue for your business. We have seen a great deal of pizza businesses use our trucks that have seen increases of 5-20%! Do not miss out on an opportunity for your business to see the same. Contact us any time at 877-844-7446 or visit our web site patriotcreativegroup.com. You can also email us at sales@patriotcreativegroup.com. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you build your business. Thank you!