January 11, 2017 |

The Menu Labeling Portioning Solution

By Press Release

Portion PadL Grooves Close UpThe Portion PadL is a simple to use and easy to clean pizza cutting board/pizza cutter, designed to cut equal pizzas into equal slices. The cutting board is custom made for your pizza size and slice applications. Regardless of your employee’s experience level, everyone will be able to cut equal slices.

Ideal for the FDA menu labeling compliance when cutting whole pizzas into equal slices pizzas to assure accurate nutritional reporting. Selling by the slice? The Portion PadL reduces food cost and increases profits. An Ideal product for individual pizzerias, pizza franchises and their franchisees, restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and food service management companies.

For more information go to www.portionpadl.com or contact Greg Getzinger at 330-608-5928