June 28, 2017 |

Take Control of Your Wine Program with TapWise

By Press Release

TapWise – Sestra’s revolutionary IoT connected device – brings portion control, push to pour dispensing, cloud-based data analytics & monitoring, and remote station management to your wine program. Integrating with wine in kegs (equivalent of 26+ bottles,) TapWise prevents loss, improves service quality, and reduces emissions for a smarter, greener program – delivering up to 40% more to your bottom line. 

Said best by Sestra client, Andrew D., of Timber Pizza Company, “When running a restaurant (especially a small busy one) there are a thousand things an owner needs to worry about.  Having a system that guarantees a perfect pour, no waste, and trackable data makes running the business that much easier.  I never have to worry about if a bottle has gone bad or if a bartender is over pouring.  If this system isn’t the future, I don’t know what is!”


TapWise Features / Benefits 

Patented Portion Control  /  Eliminates overpouring while eradicating bottle spoilage and preventing theft before it happens.

In Line Chilling  /  No refrigeration or ice needed, saving on labor for set up and take down time plus ice/refrigeration space.

Compact Solutions  /  Small equipment and compact kegs free up valuable space.                 

Push to Pour Dispensing  /  Bar staff can pour multiple servings at one time, and don’t have to stop every few servings to open a new bottle. 

Cloud Based Analytics  /  Detailed analytics provide program insights – no more guessing what happened to inventory between purchase and sale. 

Sestra Systems is bringing IoT technology to the beverage industry to deliver smart dispensing solutions. Visit us at Pizza & Pasta NE, or sestrasystems.com or email us at info@sestrasystems.com for more information.