June 5, 2017 |


By Press Release

Thunderbird Food Machinery, TDR-2380, dough divider

Thunderbird TDR-2380 is the perfect machine to make your business more efficient. With the range of 2 OZ to 32 OZ for dividing dough, and the rounding ability, you can save many hours of labor. Producing maximum 1,600 dough balls per hour, you can finish what used to be a day’s work in just an hour or two! With little to no previous training on dough handling for employees, anyone can be trained to use this machine and produce perfect dough balls every time. 

For more details, please visit Thunderbird website: www.thunderbirdfm.com or call toll free numbers at 1-866-875-6868, 1-866-7-MIXERS, 1-800-7-MIXERS or 1-214-331-3000 ( 8 lines) during the business hours.