November 2, 2015 |

Vehicle Drones Create Advertising Car Toppers on Steroids, Poised to Draw Everyone’s Attention

By Denise Greer

Vehicle Drones are a fun and creative way to promote a product, service or simply highlight a favorite sports team.

Base 1_Pizza_combo

Vehicle Drones were created to capture the attention of potential consumers out in the marketplace. Expanding on the traditional concept of car magnets/food delivery vehicle, dronetoppers, now businesses have the opportunity to really stand out while they’re mobile. The base of the product emulates the look of crane legs giving the illusion that a vehicle is getting pulled through the air by a drone. The drone propellers spin while the vehicle is in motion even though the drone is not mechanically operated.

For example, the Vehicle Drone is a low cost way to advertise and promote a pizza delivery business. The optional solar LED lighting allows delivery drivers to “charge up” during the day and not require them to “plug in” to a power source at night. The drone automatically illuminates at dusk making it effortless for delivery drivers.

  • Patent Pending, lightweight PVC base design
  • Drone propellers spin while the vehicle is in motion (drone is not motorized)
  • Two-sided base design to highlight a product, service, favorite sport teams, special event, or wedding celebration
  • The optional solar LED lighting package comes on automatically at dusk after a full charge (typically 5 hours) and will illuminate for approximately 9 hours after sunset

Vehicle Drones has partnered with to make this an easy and streamlined process for the end consumer. A specially created search box helps sports fanatics located their favorite team’s die cut decal.

Vehicle Drones

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