January 3, 2018 |

Baker’s Quality Pizza Crusts

By Press Release

Baker’s Quality Pizza Crusts®, Inc. delivers crusts from our kitchen to yours through a network of distributors. Made with the highest quality ingredients and tailored to your needs, your customers can enjoy the experience of a hand-crafted pizza with minimal effort from you. There’s no special training or dough-making equipment required.  Additionally, we specialize in small batch, custom products with a homemade feel.  Baker’s Quality Pizza Crusts®, Inc. is a third-generation family-owned business, located in the Milwaukee, WI area. Started as a central commissary in the early 1970’s, we supplied our own group of locally owned, franchised pizza restaurants. As the demand for premium crusts grew, so did Baker’s Quality®. We’ve since found our niche in custom, hand-crafted pizza crusts.  Contact us today at Info@BakersQuality.com for information or visit our website at www.BakersQuality.com to view our full line of products.