May 12, 2016 |

BBQ Sauces from Paradise

By Denise Greer

Create an Old Favorite or One with a Twist

bbq sandwich
bbq ribs

More than 95% of consumers like BBQ and one-third say they eat BBQ or barbecue-sauced items in any given week. Smoky, sweet and spicy flavors are all on-trend.

Paradise can help you develop a custom sauce that taps into the latest trends, create a regional favorite or match an existing sauce.

BBQ sauces are popular on anything from appetizers, ribs, sandwiches and wraps to salads and pizza. Here are just a few barbecue sauce flavors that can add excitement to your menu:

  • Ancho
  • Carolina Mustard
  • Fire Roasted
  • Honey Chipotle
  • Habanero
  • Mango Habanero
  • Smoky Maple-Bacon
  • Texas Mesquite

Let our culinary team help you create the perfect sauce.

Paradise BBQ sauces are available in 4 oz. to 160 oz. pouches.

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About Paradise

As the industry leader in tomato-based and signature sauces packed in pouches, Paradise has been helping the top foodservice chains and industrial customers capitalize on the latest trends with custom sauces for pizza, pasta, marinara, hot sauce, barbeque and salsa as well as ethnic sauces for 24+ years. With coast to coast coverage, Paradise offers both Packed-in-Season and All-Season Fresh Process™ products.


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