January 6, 2017 |

BOCA Essentials satisfy growth demand for meat alternatives

By Press Release


Pittsburgh, Pa.—January 5, 2017—Today’s consumers are increasingly more conscious of what they eat, so it’s no surprise there is a growing demand for better-for-you proteins, like plant-based meat alternatives1 as well as an increasing interest in veggie-based meals.

Better-for-you menu options are becoming more important to driving foodservice traffic and sales.2 Offering more vegetarian options can help attract younger patrons, especially since 57% of customers ages 18–34 want restaurants to offer a wider variety of vegetarian and vegan entrees.2

BOCA® Essentials can help operators meet this need for alternative protein sources while offering unique, bold flavors. The on-trend burgers are made with ingredients like black bean, quinoa, brown rice or roasted vegetables, bringing great flavor and visual appeal to the vegetable protein burger category.

BOCA Essentials Chile Black Bean Burgers are flavor-packed with green chile peppers, black beans and brown rice, while BOCA Essentials Roasted Vegetable & Red Quinoa Burgers deliver the nutrient dense benefits of quinoa, roasted vegetables and brown rice. With a home-style appearance and veggie-, grain- and soy-based recipes, BOCA Essentials provide a “real food” appeal that customers’ desire.

With nearly one in four consumers thinking veggie burgers are very important on menus, you’ll want to avoid the “veto-vote” and meet the desire for delicious meatless options with BOCA Essentials.3 A complete source of protein, containing nine essential amino acids,4 BOCA Essentials can help drive your sales and maintain your customer base.

Make your restaurant a destination by adding a new burger build to your menu showcasing the patties’ unique, on-trend attributes. Need inspiration? Kraft Foodservice chefs have developed a variety of unique burger builds to perfectly accompany each patty flavor. For more information, visit http://www.kraftheinz-foodservice.com/en/productsandbrands/meats/bocaessentials.

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2 Technomic, Center of the Plate: Seafood & Vegetarian Consumer Trend Report, 2015

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4 A complete protein is a food source that provides the recommended amount of the nine essential amino acids per gram of protein (2011 WHO adult standards). Essential amino acids are those not produced by the body.


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