June 26, 2018 |

Great Midwest Cheddar Cheese with Parmesan Notes

By Press Release

Saputo Cheese USA Inc. is excited to introduce Great Midwest® Cheddar Cheese with Parmesan Notes in five pound loaves, the ideal size for your back-of-house needs. Smooth, creamy Cheddar Cheese carefully blended with deliciously subtle notes of nutty Parmesan to create mouthwatering matrimony.  The mix of Cheddar and Parmesan flavors makes this cheese perfect for flavorful sandwiches, rich macaroni and cheese and decadent cheeseboards. Pair it with fruity whites and reds or Ales to enhance the complex flavors of this dynamic blend.  Set yourself apart with a cheese blend that offers new flavor experiences for your guest.  For more information visit http://www.saputousafoodservice.com/ or call your Saputo representative at (800) 824-3373.










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