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Panhandle Milling is changing the way pizzerias develop their crusts with custom pizza mixes and blends

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Pizzerias can now use Panhandle Milling’s new, state-of-the-art mixing technology can formulate a custom pizza mix to their exact specifications 

DENVER – January 2018 – Panhandle Milling is excited to showcase its custom blend and mix capabilities at the International Pizza Expo this year in Las Vegas. In 2017, Panhandle Milling installed a state-of-the-art mixer that is the only one of its kind in the nation. The new equipment offers customers a diverse range of custom mixes and blends that are created with customers’ exact formula specifications. For pizzeria businesses, Panhandle Milling’s new mixing technology will change the way pizzerias formulate their crusts.

With Panhandle Milling’s custom mix facility, the sky is the limit. Custom dry mixes and blends can have up to 20% liquid oil or fat content introduced, which streamlines formulations and brings efficiency into the overall mix process. All ingredients for custom mixes are carefully measured and blended to produce a consistent, reliable product that customers can trust. 

Apart from efficiency and consistency, the blending facility’s technology provides mixes and blends that have great flavor and texture and are always high quality.

“Panhandle Milling knows wheat – how to source it, mill it, and use the resulting flour to deliver consistent, high quality bakery mixes, like custom pizza crust mixes and blends,” Director R&D, Elizabeth Arndt.

These new custom mixes and blends are under the Specialty Blends branch of Panhandle Milling. Specialty Blends is a brand that offers a wide array of custom dry base, concentrate, mix, and blend options. Customers can expect quality products, every time, and dedication from the Panhandle Milling team.

Visit booth #2762 at the International Pizza Expo and try a taste of Panhandle Milling’s flour and blend quality with a sample of thin crust pizza using their easy-to-use thin crust pizza crust mix.


About Panhandle Milling

Panhandle Milling is the parent company for a family of flour and grain based brands and businesses. Headquartered in Denver, CO, Panhandle Milling specializes in flour, grains, bakery mixes and private label manufacturing.




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