February 26, 2018 |


By Press Release

Valpizza, product showcase

What a year to celebrate pizza, as UNESCO finally welcomes Italy’s most famous food into its magnificent heritage. And what a year for Valpizza to make its way into the world’s most famous Show about pizzas: bringing the real Italian art of kneading, our company  will surprise you with its modern look and its traditional ways of handling pizzas. Based upon the hills of Bologna, Valpizza, Italy’s top frozen pizza producer, was founded in 1992 in what is today known as the “Pizza District” due to the birth of many bakers and pizza producers in the same area. With more than 25 years of experience, exporting all over the world, Valpizza’s products distinguish themselves for their quality: GMO free, 24 hours of dough proofing, hand kneaded, hand topped and baked in refractory stone wood fired ovens, providing you with a highly digestable and delicious crust. Our facility is focused on flexibility, and we are able to satisfy any sort of request, while our certifications allow us to produce for any sort of customer. The ability to produce organic as well as vegan, along with our policy of adopting only healthy raw materials, makes Valpizza a world player for the modern tendencies of the 21st century. Our operators literally manage each and every pizza with their hands, just like in a pizzeria, that is why we are able to give the dough any kind of shape, thickness and edge. The tomato sauce is spread with spoons by our operators too: despite producing on an industrial scale, Valpizza delivers a product that is unique, customized and, most importantly, artisanal both in its look and taste. To respect the tradition is to respect the customer, that’s why our flour and our tomatoes are strictly provided by Italian producers, adding a somewhat original outlook to the pizza. Take a look at our website to see the production you’re your own eyes: http://www.valpizza.it/it/azienda/ . Vanes Biagi, Valpizza’s owner, started with just a little bakery: Valpizza’s success relies upon the ability of a man capable of handling the tradition, with a strong desire to spread the Italian art abroad through recipes handed down for generations and reshaped by technology and know-how. Come try our crust at Booth 2723!