August 5, 2013 |


By Pizza Today

Sweet Street Desserts

RICOTTA BRULEE CHEESECAKEAmong Sweet Street’s 400 desserts, there will be several just perfect for your pizzeria, such as this gorgeous Ricotta Brulée Cheesecake. Creamy, fluffy and feather-light, this favorite has just a whisper more texture than our other cheesecakes. Made with snowy white ricotta, it’s slightly less sweet and lusciously rich. Or you might serve our popular, delicious Tiramisu. According to Datassential, a whopping 84% of customers say they are interested in desserts from pizza restaurants. We are proud to offer desserts with intriguing full flavors, textures that excite and visual landscapes that tantalize. Chefs choose our desserts—rated #1 in taste and appearance—when they want to offer something exceptional. So to please your customers, contact us. 800-793-3897 or