January 28, 2015 |

Truffle Thrills Perfect for Pizza

By Denise Greer

 truffes, pizza topping, ingredients, sauce

Urbani Truffles
truffles, pizza topping, ingredient, sauce

Thrills are versatile sauce, serving well as

  • Top on Pizza
  • spread on bruschetta, and toasted bread
  • Creates a special pasta dish
  • Easy to use with entrees,  or top of  fish or meat
  • Simply heat in a sauce pan and serve
  • Easy open can

White Truffles and Porcini 6.1oz (180gr)
Black Truffles and Mushrooms 6.1oz (180gr)
Pesto and Truffles 6.1oz (180gr)
Red Pesto and Truffles 6.1oz (180gr)
White Truffles and Mushrooms 6.1oz (180gr)
Artichokes and Truffles 6.1oz (180gr)
Cream and Truffles 6.1oz (180gr)
Tomatoes and Truffles 6.1oz (180gr)


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