October 27, 2011 |

Vegetarian Pizza Topping – Italian Seitan

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Taft Foodmasters

Vegetarian Pizza Topping - Italian Seitan100% vegetarian, pre-servative free, wheat-based seitan (not soy), now expertly prepared as a pizza topping with lower sodium sausage/Italian seasoning! Sold wholesale only to the trade, comes pre-cooked, pre-sliced, just add as a pizza topping before cooking pizza like you would meat sausage! Higher in protein than meat, seitan has been around for 1000 started by Budist monks looking for a meat alternative. Taft Foodmasters took this recipe, modernized it and developed a proprietary mode of cooking to produce seitan with various seasonings, our Italian and gyro being the most popular. Both great for vegetarian sandwich alternatives. Free sample. 30 lb miniumum. Sales reps will travel for large volume opportunities.