May 15, 2015 |

“Is My Restaurant Franchisable?”

By Denise Greer

iFG logo fcFranchising is one of the most dynamic methods of expanding a business.  Almost any type of restaurant can be franchised, provided it meets some basic criteria.  First of all, you need to sell franchises.  And in order to do that, your restaurant must be credible in the eyes of prospective franchisees.  Is it professionally designed?  Is it unique in some way?  And, most important, does it have “sizzle?”  A good measure for the Sizzle Factor is whether you currently receive unsolicited franchise inquiries.  If you do, that is a good indication that your franchise will sell.

iFranchise Group’s expertise includes addressing the following questions:

  • Is your restaurant franchisable?
  • Is franchising the best strategy for you?
  • How to franchise a restaurant
  • Costs and legal requirements

Contact iFranchise Group today to discuss how we can help you determine your company’s readiness for franchising, and the benefits of franchising in today’s economy.

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