April 6, 2017 |

What’s the Deal? Why is a marketing firm selling disposable wood serving trays?

By Press Release

We’re not just selling them – we invented them. Created as part of a catering division development project, we saw a need and fulfilled it. Our wood trays are an elegant and affordable serving solution, ideal for drop-off catering! They’re eco-friendly, durable, stylish and classy – a great way to distinguish your catering operation from the rest.

Give your food the touch of style and sophistication it deserves. Perfectly priced so you can provide your clients with the most elegant option in disposable servingware without breaking your budget… or theirs! They’re completely biodegradable, so whether you choose to reuse them or dispose of them, they keep harmful plastic out of our landfills.

Our clients continue to receive rave reviews from their customers about the trays and most importantly, they keep coming back for more!

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