February 9, 2015 |

Equal Slices Increases Profits

By Denise Greer

Portion PadL Grooves Close Up

Selling pizza by the slice? Now, there’s no more need to throw out the smaller pizza slices that your customers won’t purchase.

The Portion PadL, is a simple to use and easy to clean pizza cutting board that cuts equal slices. It takes away all the guess work out of cutting equal slices. The cutting board is custom made for each customer’s pizza size and slice applications. Versatile, the Portion PadL can be purchased for a single slice application or using both sides, for two different slice applications. The unique deep VGroove and centering circle technology make the Portion PadL a very simple to use and easy to clean equal slice cutting guide.

This quick return on investment cutting board is ideal for independent and pizza franchises selling pizzas by the slice or for school lunch and concession stand accounts. Additionally, convenience stores, schools, institutions and stadiums that sell pizza by the slice. Even pizza businesses, selling whole pizzas, desiring making a first great impression for customers when they open the pizza box. Now, every slice is a profit center. To learn more about a custom made Portion PadL for your business, call Greg Getzinger at 330-608-5928 or visit www.PortionPadL.com