Frittata del’Ortolana (Vegetable Frittata)

Frittata del'Ortolana (Vegetable Frittata)
Recipe type: appetizers
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil or oil spray
  • ¼ cup sliced fresh mushrooms
  • ¼ cup cooked broccoli florets
  • 2 tablespoons diced zucchini
  • 3 tablespoons chopped onion
  • ½ cup pasteurized liquid eggs (or 2 lightly beaten jumbo eggs)
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2 or 3 twist of the pepper mill
  • ¼ teaspoon dried thyme, crumbled
  • 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
  1. Preheat the boiler.
  2. In an 8-inch non-stick omelet pan, warm the oil over low heat.
  3. Add the mushrooms and cook and stir for 2-3 minutes, until the mushrooms release their moisture.
  4. Add the broccoli, zucchini and onions and cook for two more minutes.
  5. Turn the heat to medium.
  6. Add the eggs to the pan.
  7. Add the salt, pepper, and thyme.
  8. As the frittata cooks, run a knife between the edge of the frittata and the pan, tilt the pan slightly, and let the eggs trickle to the edge.
  9. When the bottom of the frittata is set, sprinkle on the parmesan cheese.
  10. Move the pan from the stove to the preheated broiler or the cheese melter.
  11. The top of the frittata should be about 4-inches from heat.
  12. Leave the pan under the broiler only until the top is set, about 2 minutes.
  13. Remove the pan from the boiler and run a knife around the edge of the frittata to loosen it.
  14. Slide the frittata onto a heated serving plate.
  15. Serve at once.