Semifreddo All-amaretto

Semifreddo All-amaretto
Recipe type: desserts
  • ¾ cup amaretto liqueur
  • 1 gallon high-quality vanilla bean ice cream, softened to room temperature
  • 2 cups amaretto cookies, roughly chopped
  • 2 cup amaretto cookies, crushed fine for finishing
  1. Stir the liqueur into the softened ice cream.
  2. Add the roughly chopped cookies.
  3. Spray 3 loaf pans with pan coating and line with plastic wrap.
  4. Smooth the plastic wrap as much as possible to avoid wrinkles on the final product.
  5. Pour in the ice cream mixture and smooth the top flat.
  6. Refreeze.
  7. When frozen, unmold by dipping briefly in hot water and knock the pan onto a cardboard round or plate.
  8. Press the finely ground cookies on the surface.
  9. Wrap well and store in the freezer.
  10. Cut in slices.