The Johnny Avalanche Pizza

The Johnny Avalanche Pizza
Courtesy of Mike Shepherd 600 Downtown, Bellefontaine, OH
Recipe type: Pizza
  • 17-ounce dough ball
  • 2 ounces basil pesto
  • 3 ounces sweet Peruvian peppers
  • 8 ounces provolone
  • 4 ounces fresh mozzarella
  • Balsamic reduction
  1. Spread out the basil pesto lightly across the crust up to 3⁄8 -inch from the edge.
  2. Cover with provolone cheese, tear up fresh mozzarella (blot any excess water) and evenly spread across pizza, follow with the sweet Peruvian peppers and bake until golden brown.
  3. Remove from the oven and create a crosshatch pattern across the top of the pizza with a Balsamic reduction.