September 20, 2012 |

Recovering From a Bad Review

By Jeffrey Freehof

I recently had a bad review in the local paper. What can I do marketing wise to overcome the bad press?

If you are a successful business with a strong customer base, the review won’t hurt you at all. Now if you are new or if this article has had a negative impact, you’ve got to come out with a promotion. Before you come out with a special offering, you need to really look at the areas the bad review gave you and focus on making them better. That must be the priority. If you run an ad for a great 2 or 3 pizza combo deal, and the issue of a bad pizza dough or sauce recipe is the issue at hand, running the ad and special will not help one bit. Once you’ve refocused on fixing the issues that may have gained you a bad reputation, you may want to even give the impression that the shop is under new leadership.