October 30, 2012 |

Using Same Day Dough

By Tom Lehmann

Three years ago we did a study to answer this very question. We found we could use the dough on the same day, if we allowed the dough to ferment for two hours after it was mixed and formed into balls. With fermentation times of less than two hours the dough exhibited a pronounced tendency to blister and bubble during baking. But, as time approached two hours the blistering and bubbling problem diminished. Overall, we found the dough could be held at normal room temperature (70 F) for about 3 to 3.5 hours before the dough balls became too gassy to work with.

Keep in mind though, the flavor of a finished crust made from a same day dough is never as good as that made from a dough allowed to ferment slowly in the cooler for a day or more. These same day doughs are something good to keep in mind just in case you happen to come in to your shop one morning to find the cooler has gone down. You can always make a same day dough to limp by until you can get your regular dough up and running again.